By understanding key terms of composition, it will make it easier for me to create an effective image.

What is visual communication?

The expression of ideas and information using visual forms or aidsBody language including gestures are part of such communicationPresentations may also included photographs, chartsgraphs, and diagrams to enforce or demonstrate ideas or data.

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Symmetrical Balance: This is when the composition is balanced equally around the vertical and horizontal axis.

Rhythm: This is when the composition has repetition or alternation of elements. It creates a sense of movement in the composition. It can create a sense of pattern or texture.

Proportion: Proportion is referring to the dimensions or distributions of an image. It can help to establish weight and depth by changing the balance or symmetry of an image.

Dominance: This is in terms of where the eye is drawn to in an image. It is normally the ‘heaviest’ visual element in the overall image.

Unity: This refers to the relationship of the visual components as individual and whole in an image. It is what ties the whole image together and gives an overall sense of wholeness.

Closure: This is the idea of how the brain fills in what is missing in an image. Since the brain tends to add in parts that are missing, the image is able to achieve closure. This encourages interaction with the viewer.

 Continuance: This is when the viewer looks in one direction and continues to do so until there is something else more significant to focus on.

Contrast: This term is used to describe when something is different from another. This could include opposite colours, shapes or sizes. It can be used to intensify an idea.

Positive and Negative space: A positive space is the areas in an image that is the subject or areas of interest. Negative space is area around the subjects, or areas of interest.

Visual centre: This is the visual focus of an image. It is where the eye is attracted to first.

White space: Refers to the area of an imaged that is left unmarked. It is the spaces between the other figures in the image.


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