The Importance of Colour

Colour is such a vital part of a composition. It is an attention-grabbing element.

Colour helps to give a sense of mood and feel to an image. Using more subtle colours portrays a more calm and gentle feeling. Using contrasted or saturated colours can give a dramatic flare to an image. Bright colours also create a feeling of festivity feeling while dark colours create dark lighting effects.

The audience are able to recognise certain objects more easily when they recognise the colours. For example, a banana is yellow. It establishes identity for brand icons too.

Colour can create symbolism. This is an important aspect to my image that I want to create. Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow creates the meaning of energy and tension such as a bullfight. Cooler colours such as blue, creates the feeling of power and strength.

I will be using colour to help convey my message to the audience. This use of black and white will symbolise the meaning of avoidance and negative choices. The use of crisp and sharp colours will symbolise the meaning of enticement and positive choices.



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