Image Manipulation Techniques

This research blog is about different Image Manipulation Techniques that will help me produce my final image. Although I am still not sure exactly how I am going to put it all together, these skills will help me decide. I am not a Photoshop expert at all so these 5 techniques will really help me to create a good enough image.

  1. Creating Shadows

In order to have a successful image, it must look as real as possible, in order to create this feeling, the image must have shadows if it needs one. A simple way of doing this is to take your image and duplicate it in photoshop. Turn it black and add the Gaussian Blur to it. Then you must reduce the size and place the shadow where it should normally be.

  1. Proportion

To me, proportion is the most important aspect of creating photo realism. It is a straightforward step but something that I have not done well in the past with photoshop which is silly thing to forget to do. Basically, if an object in the image should in the distance, then you just need to reduce the size of it. For my project, this step will be my main focus.

  1. Colour Blending

For this project, I have to combine different images, they are not all going to match the background I have created. This is where colour blending becomes essential. In order to blend the colours, I can use Photo filters or Gradient Maps in Photoshop to add and take away from the colour.

  1. Combing Multiple Images

To do this well, I need to carefully select the right objects from my stock image collection. The overall image also needs to have a variance of different objects to make it look interesting but they all have to work well together.

  1. Enhancing a stock image

Stock images are images that have been taken on a camera and have no affects added to it. These images can often look boring. In order to enhance these images, I must use different techniques such as changing the colour, size or manipulate the sides. This will create a dramatic difference to my image. References:–psd-242


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