Semiotics is about making meaning of signs and symbols. This includes metaphors, signs, symbolism, likeness and indications. These different signs and symbols could be anything from a written text to a sound or image.

There are tree different types of semiotics:

  • Semantics: the relationship of signs to what they stand for;
  • Syntactic: the formal or structural relations between signs;
  • Pragmatics: the relation of signs to interpreters

Semiotics help to analyse a text and to distinguish a deeper meaning than what was originally shown. It is used a lot in advertising and to promote social issues. Society are fascinated and find it interesting to figure out the meaning behind different signs and symbols. Depending on the symbol, it may be read differently from one person to another depending on how the audience interprets the meaning. This is why it is good to have a clear meaning shown in an image.

It works by having a concept of the signifier (which is what is shown) and the signified (which is the concept behind the sign).



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