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lenavisualcomm: Concept Thumbnails

I really Like these ideas. I agree what has been stated previously in the comments, you may not be allowed to use the social media icons because it would be against copyright regulations. But you could draw them and change them very slightly so they are different enough but the audience still knows what social media icons they are.

vitamorrison: Concept Thumbnails

Hey Vita!
I love the idea of having a ‘wet’ food to show the bacteria. It would really bring out the importance of what you are showing! I like the sandwich idea! It could show the contrast of the different types of food in the sandwich quite well. Definitely have some bugs in there too! Make it as disgusting as possible ;).


lenavisualcomm: Communication objectives

Really good article choice! I like the idea of showing the negatives in this age level. Your image could show what it is like for a child to start off with technology at the age of 2 years old and how in time (preadolescent) has shaped them to who they are.


josh.eds | vis.comm: Communication Objectives

I really like the communication objectives. It would be really affective to show images of people with the virus and how it has changed them overtime. Maybe start with a healthy person unaware of the affects of the virus and then slowly transition into the same person who is now aware of the virus because they have it.

katehobbs2015: Source Photos

Love Love Love this idea and cannot wait to see how it turns out! I like the idea of having the layers of technology, I think that shows a really good symbolic meaning of having these thing within the generations. I was wondering how the final image will look? It would be cool to have them all standing next to each other in height and age order. This could really enhance the meaning of the different steps in life. Really awesome stuff 🙂


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