Summary of my Image: Ruby Hirst 1320162

An analysis of the image you have created: The image is representing the topic of eating disorders in middle-aged women. In the actual image is a woman who is making the decision whether to eat or not. It may look like she is deciding what to eat, but in her head, it is a different idea. She is looking at the food on the shelf and at her shadow. Which one will she believe is the right choice? She wants to eat but her shadow is showing what she thinks her body looks like; this is restraining her from making the decision to eat. The food items on the shelf are a mixture of healthy and unhealthy. This adds to the decision and complicates it because she does not know what to do.

The intended communication objective of the image: By using semiotics, I showed the idea of making decisions. The idea of whether to eat or not turns into whether she wants to live a healthy life or slowly kill herself. The food is different colours depending on the health benefits. The healthier the food item is, the brighter in contrast it is. The unhealthy is darker in contrast. Her shadow in the image is wider than her. This represents her perception of herself. I wanted to explore this topic because it is not really talked about but it is actually a very common mental illness amongst middle-aged women. By talking about it, and getting the idea out in the public, people could identify these issues in loved ones around them. It exposes this secret that some women are keeping.

How you have used what was taught in class to achieve this communication objective: I found the ‘lecture’ aspect part of the class really useful. I wanted to make my image really meaningful so learning how to achieve this was helpful. Also, having the lecture slides up on AUTonline, meant that I could refer back to them when I was creating my idea. Symbolic meaning/semiotics is very important. It helps to create more than one meaning to an image. The use of colour can also create a meaning in an image and also helps to establish where the audience should look. Image placement also helps to establish where the audience should be looking. Researching composition helped me to understand what an image needs, to successfully show what the meaning is behind it. Image manipulation techniques were probably the most useful thing I learnt. It helped me understand how to use different techniques in Photoshop and helped me to avoid commonsense mistakes.

I found my idea very time consuming because I had to take individual photos of food, also cut them in Photoshop and then individually changing the colour contrast of each food image. I had to retake a lot of my photos because I did not have my camera set to the raw image setting and some were out of focus.


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