Illustrator Basics

I decided to research about the basics for Illustrator. Because I am not a whizz with Illustrator, I found it important and vital to have these skills researched and written up so I can refer back to it when I am starting my second assignment.

Creating a new file is done by clicking the file button, select new, and then click ok when you have chosen the settings you want.

Creating an Art board:

To create an art board, select the art board icon. Drag this into the workspace and select the size, shape and location you want.

Adding a shape:

It is easy to create shapes by selecting the rectangle tool. This is the default shape but you can choose any shape by right clicking on this icon. Click and drag the shape onto your paper. By releasing the mouse, the shape will be placed on the page. You can add colour to the shapes by selecting the selection tool then double clicking the fill colour and selecting which colour you want.

Adding in Text:

To add text to the workspace, the best thing to do is to create a text box first. This will help to keep the text look neat on the page. Select the type tool from the tool bar. Drag the mouse on the page until you get the size of text box you want. Start typing in your text. To change the font, highlight the text, select ‘type’ and then select find font. A box will appear with a various amount of fonts, when you find the one you want, click on it.


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