Infographics are displayed like a poster and aim to present information that should be easily understood when looking at it. These posters can have things such as text, diagrams, illustrations and graphs.


Infographics are visually pleasing, understandable and powerful. What makes infographics so effective is because they are completely self-explanatory. They make learning about things, fun and exciting. Effective infographics have the following tools:

  • Conscious colour decisions
  • Simple and easy to read graphics
  • Icons that people recognise
  • Powerful statistics
  • Important facts

To be able to build an Infographic, these are the important steps:

  1. Research the topic that you are going to be creating
  2. Create rough concepts and ideas by hand
  3. Use colour to enhance the meaning behind your infographic. This will help guide the focus of the viewer
  4. Create clear and understandable graphics



One thought on “Infographics

  1. Hi Ruby- I really like this research post as i thought it was similar to the way that i was looking at mine. With the different uses of infographics and making sure that it is visually powerful and simple and easy to read. I think this is definatly the best way for an infographic to be. I think that the second image (transport) is really cool and definatly a good idea to focus on what you would like yours to look like. The first image seems a bit harder to concentrate on and maybe a bit boring with no images- This is something you can think about! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.


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