Creative Thinking

Technical Creativity is when new ideas or theories are created. It is about generating ideas, evaluating the ideas and then modifying them. There are two parts to this, programed thinking and lateral thinking.


Programed Thinking is when you use logic to solve the problem:

Morphological analysis is when you take a problem and break it down into parts. The person then takes out the vital parts of the systems and puts it together in a more simplified system. It is a way of working backwards to solve the problem.

Reframing Matrix is a technique that helps a person to look at the problem in various ways. This will help to expand and create more creative solutions to the problem. It is used in groups because everybody thinks in a different way to each other. This system helps groups to figure out a solution together. You take four key questions and answer them together. Here is an example below:


Lateral Thinking uses creativity and an indirect approach to solve a problem:

Brainstorming is a pretty straightforward technique that a lot of people use. It helps to get anything that you can think of onto the page. It does not have to have anything to do with the topic, but it could lead to a more creative product by doing so.

Random Input is about taking a random word or picture to create a new way of thinking about a topic. The point is to not directly solve the problem but to come up with various ideas that could lead to a solution.


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