Communication objective

I wanted to communicate the idea of making a healthy smoothie and showing the measurements and process.

I researched fonts and found that a lot of smoothie infographics used curvy writing for their titles and plain writing for the writing. So I used Apple Chancery for my title and Avenir for my writing.

I had writing a long paragraph about the health benefits of each individual ingredient but it made my poster look really boring. So instead, I combined the different health benefits and placed them all around the blender in a way that made it look like the words were being blended up. I wanted to create this motion to show the final step of making a healthy smoothie.

Use of colour

Colour was a huge part of my infographic. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the effective use of colour. It was my favourite research topic that I did. So from the research I found, I came up with using three main colours; green, yellow and white. I used a deep green background to engage and attract the audience. Since I created a bright yellow blender to highlight the outline of it. White font is simple but effective because it stands out the most..

What have you used in class to achieve this

I used the lecture slides as guides for creating my poster. I also researched more thoroughly on the most beneficial lecture slides. This helped me to understand the marking criteria and also how to create an effective infographic.

Learning how to use the pen tool helped my to create kale leaves on my infographic. I first used two shapes then used the pen tool to create rough looking edges on the leaves.

I used shapes to create the banana and blueberries. I also used shapes to create the blender. This was the most difficult thing I created. I forgot how to hide the unwanted shapes; luckily I just played around with the different pathfinder effects and managed to find the right effects to use.

Small art board

The art board is supposed to show the audience what the main poster is about, so I made the title the main aspect of my art board.

I used blueberries as my picture to give a little hint into what will be used to create the smoothie. I also used the same font that I used for my main poster title to tie it together.


One thought on “Summary

  1. Your final images look awesome! One main thing that I think works really well is how you have really nicely balanced the colours in the image. Just looking at those colours immediately communicates to me that your talking about a smoothie. The colours look very natural but also at the same time look quite thick, so communicating smoothie rather than like a juice or something. Also all of the vitamins and stuff around the outside really communicate how healthy it is. It feels crammed as though you are saying it is crammed with vitamins and healthy stuff! Awesome!


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