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Lenavisualcomm- Week 1- Topic Choice:

Cool topic choice and I don’t think a lot of other people will do anything like this. I think the topic will help you to come up with some original and interesting ideas! There are some cool infographics about animal shelters online! It is a good place to start to find inspiration. Also the SPCA website looks very info-graphical 🙂

Shannonpentecost- Symbols

I like the idea of using symbols. But you are right, you need to choose symbols that are universal and easy to understand straight away. Researching symbols before choosing them will help you figure out what ones would work for your poster. Good luck ❤

BeckyVisCom- Work in Progress #2

It is a smart idea to use colours that are ‘girly’ because it will attract guys to look at your poster. I like that there are informative facts on your poster but continue to keep them brief so the audience don’t lose interest in what you have to say! I can’t wait to see what is coming up next on this poster

Shannonpentecost- Development

I love your poster! When I first saw it, I thought it was a professional poster! Amazing!!

I am having a hard time reading the small writing in the circles on the left. The font is a little too narrow for my blind eyes! Maybe see if there is a font that has the same shape to it but maybe just a fraction thicker? Good luck 🙂

BeckyVisCom- Work in Progress #7

I like the male and female in your mini infographic, it establishes visually what your main infographic is about and uses universal signs to do so. I am not sure about the white female in the 22 leaders fact. It seems a bit too bright and stands out for no reason. You could around with the colours you have used and see if there is a better fit.


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